FOXFIRE extension

The Foxfire company was born in 2018 thanks to the passion for sport fishing, in particular for the discipline of Surfcasting, and it is precisely by practicing the world of competitions that the idea comes to delve into the mysterious world of colored, phosphorescent silicone attractors,
sinking or floating, which can be used in any fishing technique and which can help in catching various species of fish, in all situations and with often surprising results. The continuous study of colors and shapes has prompted the Foxfire company to create,
test and create strictly Made in Italy accessories for agonists and non-competitors, placing excellence, research and
technological innovation. In just two years, our company has pushed itself into the distribution of products throughout Europe and beyond, including Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Holland, Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, etc. with the aim of becoming the main distributor of
attractors in the world.
Louis Calindro